Psychology is the scientific study of human behavior and the mind. Lafayette psychology majors learn to use empirical research methods to examine behavior, thinking, and physiological processes and apply this knowledge across a wide variety of contexts and situations.

The Department offers coursework covering the breadth of the discipline, including clinical, cognitive, community, cross-cultural, developmental, educational, engineering, health, industrial/organizational, social, physiological, and sports psychology. Along with biology, the Department also administers the neuroscience major.

Faculty in the Department of Psychology direct active labs that offer students opportunities to gain research experience.  Students and faculty produce a large number of scientific publications and presentations each year. Student-led interest groups are active in the department and offer leadership opportunities. The psychology major at Lafayette prepares students to be successful in many different career paths.  You can learn more about psychology at Lafayette College at the links on the sidebar or browse recent news from the Department below.



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