At Lafayette, psychology majors examine behavior, thinking, emotions, and physiological processes. The department courses encompass experimental fields, such as learning, cognition, and physiological psychology.

Other courses focus on clinical, developmental, health, and social areas and some examine the psychology of industrial and organizational behavior. As students progress through the major, they study advanced research designs and statistical methods, and explore the different areas of psychology in increasing depth.

Psychology majors, helped by department advisors, may choose between working toward a B.S. or an A.B. degree (see Programs for details).  Many A.B. students choose to double major, combining psychology with economics and business, government and law, a foreign language, etc.  Students majoring in another subject also may minor in psychology.

Along with biology, the Psychology Department administers the neuroscience major. Lafayette College focuses exclusively on the education of undergraduates.  As a result, students have opportunities to work closely with faculty on undergraduate research, in laboratory courses, and in classroom learning (see Newsletter Fall 2013).


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