Diane Kobrynowicz ’89 What is She Eating? The Effects of Meal Size
on Others’ Impressions of a Female Eater. Advisor: Dr. Susan A. Basow


Hillarie Collins ’88 The Influence of Rater and Ratee Satisfaction
on Performance Appraisals. Advisor; Dr. James Smither

Kristi L. Medcalf ’88 Academic Achievement and Attributions Among College Students: Effects of Gender and Sex-typing. Advisor: Dr. Susan A. Basow

Wendy B. Stuehring ’88 Dual Modalities in Semantic Comprehension : Should we be Reading About? Advisor: Dr. Howard F. Gallup


Cynthia Ann Rubin ’87 Career and Family Values as Correlates of Sex
Typing in College Students. Advisor: Dr. Shawn Ward

Rebecca L. Schein ’87 Activity Level and residential options as Correlates
of Life Satisfaction in Elderly Women. Advisor: Dr. Ann McGillicuddy-De

Dorothy Young ’87 The Influence of Self-schemas in Perceiving Others.
Advisor: Dr. Elaine Byram


Martha A. Heinze ’86 Neurofibroma Tosis: Disfigurement, Self-Esteem
and Acceptance. Advisor: Dr. Alan Childs

Eric S. Skovronek ’86 The Importance of Ocular Dominance in Typing Skills. Advisor: Dr. J. Marshal Brown

Irene Marie Vigilante ’86 Eating Attitudes and Self-Worth. Advisors:
Dr. Susan A. Basow and Dr. Ann McGillicuddy-De Lisi


Randi Mahler ’83 Fading Paired Associate Learning. Advisors: Dr. Burton
Cohen and Dr. Howard Gallup

Victoria L. Reardin ’83 The Effects of Sex of Subject and importance
Attributions on Learned Helplessness in Humans. Advisors: Dr. Howard Gallup & Dr. Alan Childs


Suzan Distenfeld ’82 Effects of Teacher Expressiveness, Teacher Sex,
and Student Sex on Teacher Evaluations and Student Performance. Advisors: Dr. Susan A. Basow and Dr. Alan W. Childs

Claire McFadden ’82 The Relation of Jungian Psychological Type to Individual Differences in Person Perception. Advisor: Dr. Burton H. Cohen

Renae C. Schneck ’82 Eating Disorder Among College Women. Advisors: Dr. Susan A. Basow and Dr. Janet L. Sola


Verna E. Farr ’80 A Study of Discriminative and Orienting Responses
to Up/Down and Left/Right Stimuli and the Implications of the Findings
for the Beginning Keyboard. Student Advisor: Dr. Mary Ann Skowronski

Joy A. Maier ’80 Job Applicant Impression Formation: Effect of
Sex, Height, and Occupational Sex-typing. Advisor: Dr. Susan A. Basow & J. Marshall Brown

Lana M. Umali ’80 Impact of Repression-Sensitization and Death
Education on College Students’ Attitudes Toward Death. Advisor: Dr. Joanne (LoGiudice) Krug


Donna M. Crawley ’79 Helping Behavior: The Effects of Sex and Sex-Typing. Advisor: Dr. Susan A. Basow


Richard S. Jaffe ’78 Job Satisfaction: Evaluation of the Relationship
between Managers’ Estimate of Satisfaction Scores and the Actual Mean Scores. Advisor: Dr. H. Marshall Brown

Kenneth Steidl ’78 An experimental Analysis of Factors Influencing Visual
Cliff Performance in Gerbils. Advisors: Dr. Mel Lockhart and Dr. Joanne
(LoGiudice) Krug


Nancy D. Davies ’76 Attitudes Toward Violence. Advisor: Dr. J. Marshall

Nancy DeVries ’76 Rorschach Technique Validation Using Blind Interpretations and a Behavior Checklist. Advisor: Dr. William U. Weiss

Kalina Gonska ’76 A Training Program to Facilitate the Development of
Empathy. Advisor: Dr. James McCormack

Lisa B. Priftis ’76 A Study of the Creative Process. the Elicitation
of Divergent Hierarchies. Advisor: Dr. Howard F. Gallup

Joanne Samuels ’76 A Study of Aphasia: Diagnosis, Prognosis, and Treatment. Advisor: Dr. William Weiss

Carol Van Arsdale ’76 Fragmentation of Stabilized Retinal Images Using
the Afterimage Technique. Advisor: Dr. Howard F. Gallup

Diane Van Arsdale ’76 Sex Differences in Intrahemispheric Response Competition- Between Verbal and Unimanual Tasks. Advisor: Dr. Burton H. Cohen


Amy Silverstein ’75 The Effects of Beginning Reading Techniques on
Perceptual and Discriminative Abilities: A comparison of the Initial Teaching Alphabet versus Traditional Orthography Approaches. Advisor: Dr. Burton H. Cohen


Deborah Michele Martz ’74 A History and Analysis of Hearing Loss, Its
place in Modern Educational Audiology. Advisor: Dr. Howard F. Gallup

Mark B. Pape ’74 An Evaluation of State-Dependent Learning and Consolidation Deficit Models of Cycloheximide Induced Amnesia in a Spatial Reversal Task Given To Rats and Mice. Advisor: Dr. Phil Slonim


David B. Doolittle ’73 Father Identification and Role Development in
Young Emotionally Disturbed Males. Advisor: Dr. William Weiss

Jack D. Edinger’73 The Relationship Between Prognosis in Therapy and
Visual-Spatial Organization Ability. Advisor: Dr. William Weiss

Michael Katz ’73 Relationships of Form Level Responses on Individual
Rorschach Cards, To the Process and Reactive Dimensions of Schizophrenia. Advisor: Dr. William U. Weiss

Murray B. Rosen ’73 Job Satisfaction: Its Nature and Relationship to
Satisfaction with Life. Advisor: Dr. J. Marshall Brown


Craig Gordon ’72 A Study in Creativity. Advisor: Dr. Howard F. Gallup

Wayne D. Gray ’72 The Effect of Words of High and Low Imagery on an
Auditory-Visual Difference in Short-Term Memory. Advisor: Dr. Burton H.

Mark S. Harrison ’72 The Impact of the Dixon Decision Upon Allentown
State Hospital. Advisor: Dr. William U. Weiss

Alan McFarland ’72 Comparison of Methadone Clinic Patients and Methadone Clinic Drop-outs Using the Leary Interpersonal Check List. Advisor: Dr. William U. Weiss


Wilfred M. Cheng ’71 The Efficience Model Approach to Sexual Perversions. Advisors: Dr. Howard F. Gallup and Dr. Seymore Weissman


Robert W. Handler ’70 Systematic Desensitization Of Test Anxiety: The
Effects Of Spaced Vs. Massed Practice And Comparison With A Pseudotherapy Control. Advisor: Dr. Meyer Rothberg

Michael Le Witt ’70 Birth Order and the Acquisition of Avoidance Responses. Advisor: Dr. Meyer Rothberg

Robert S. Lipetz ’70 Motivation vs. State Theories of Hypnosis. Advisor:
Dr. Howard F. Gallup


Kenneth Covelman ’69 A Comparison of a Group Counseling Technique and an Automated Pre-Programmed Systematic Desensitization Procedure for Treating Test Anxiety. Advisors: Dr. William Berkowitz and Dr. Meyer Rothberg

Bruce Kressel ’69 (Eugene R. Posnock [Biology]) Some Physiological and
Psychological Effects of Prenatal Maternal Handling on Rat Offspring. Advisors: Dr. Meyer Rothberg and Dr. James L. Baird

Michael Maskin ’69 The Therapeutic Effects of Psychodrama upon hostile
inmates. Advisor: Unlisted

Jim Young ’69 Psychological Perspectives on Religion. Advisor: Dr. Meyer


Len Epstein ’68 Systematic Desensitization: The Use of a Video-Tape
Recorder. Advisor: Dr. Meyer Rothberg

Howard Feldman ’68 The Effects of Autonomic Perception on the Acquisition of a Conditioned Response. Advisor: Dr. Meyer Rothberg

Sol Miskin ’68 The Reticular Formation and Arousal. Advisor: Dr. Burton


Robert Herman Doktor ’66 Personality Inventories Empirically related
to Hypnotic Susceptibility. Advisor: Not listed

Thomas A. Sebben ’66 Interaction of Retinal Gradients and the Perception
of Apparent Movemen. Advisor: Dr. Howard F. Gallup


Fred Denkhaus ’65 A Further Study in Prejudice. Advisor: Dr. Howard
F. Gallup


Allen Barry Cohen ’63 A Psychological Analysis of Utopian Societies.
Advisor: Dr. Howard F. Gallup


Charles S. Brick ’62 The Prevention And Cure Of Juvenile Delinquency
Through The Present-Day School System. Advisor: unlisted (b)Walter Rosenberg
’62 A Hypnotic Approach to Psychotherapy. Advisor: unlisted.

Jay Michael Weiss ’62 The Effect Of Frustration Upon Visual Perception.
Advisor:  Dr. Howard F. Gallup